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Your ability to create a record of your injuries is essential in establishing a personal injury claim. Additionally, you should show your Georgia accident attorney documents that relate to your case. To your first in-depth consultation with your Georgia accident attorney, you should bring:

  • Your tax return from the previous year.
  • Wage statements, payroll checks, or other documents that show what you earned both before and after the injury.
  • Anything medical that is related to your injury, such as braces, supports, crutches, prostheses, and prescription pill bottles (including empty ones).
  • Any photographic evidence of the accident and your injuries.
  • Copies of the terms of any health insurance policies that are providing payment for your medical bills. The attorney needs to examine whether or not your policy has a clause that stipulates that the insurance company will get paid back through the settlement for any payments made.
  • Reports and observations of any suspicious activity that you have observed. In personal injury cases, it is possible that investigators are keeping you under surveillance and are videotaping and photographing you. Your Georgia accident attorney should be aware of any such possibilities.

Lastly, it is important to keep a daily log of how your life has been affected by the injuries that you have sustained from the accident.

  1. List and describe all tasks that you are no longer able to do.
  2. List the tasks that you are able to do but cause you pain.
  3. Describe a sample day in your present life in terms of the absence or presence of pain.
  4. List any embarrassing incidents that occurred as a result of being injured.  The entries should be succinct but descriptive, as they are intended to substantiate your case of how severely your injures have affected you.

There are many other items that you should show your Georgia accident attorney in order to build your case. For a Free case consultation, call Attorney Chanco at (404) 842-0909.


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