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Insurance adjusters know that if you represent yourself with a Georgia injury lawyer, it often means more cost to the insurance company. Therefore, the insurance adjuster will make it seem to you that you do not need legal help. Regardless of the severity of your injuries, retaining a Georgia injury lawyer will help ensure a fair settlement for you.

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The insurance adjuster may make some claims about legal help that are dubious or dishonest in order to dissuade you from seeking it.

1. “Claim amount will still be the same” –  The adjuster will tell you that your claim will not be valued any higher just because you get an injury lawyer. This is simply not true. It is imperative to seek legal counsel to ensure that all fine details are not overlooked and that you don’t settle for less.

2. “Lawyer fees will not be worth the hassle”  – The adjuster will insinuate that the percentage of the recovery taken by a Georgia injury lawyer will not be worth it. Insurance companies don’t just cough up the money  to cover your medical expenses, time lost at work, physical and emotional trauma.  Keep in mind, that you may not get any compensation at all, if the insurance adjuster is not confronted by an experienced lawyer.

3. “We can settle this faster outside of court” – The adjuster might also assert that he is out for your best interests and that it would be faster and more convenient for both parties to work together directly. In the interests of getting a fair settlement with maximum compensation, none of those claims are relevant and you should get legal help from a Georgia injury lawyer.

4. “Showdown at sundown” – Typically, insurance adjusters will contact the injured individual even before they have the chance to consult with a Georgia injury lawyer. Many insurance companies have a “sundown rule” or a 24-hour policy that obligates the adjuster to contact the claimant within that window of time. This policy is in place to deter any need for attorney intervention by assuaging the claimant that indeed the case is filed and something is being done. This places the adjuster at an advantage, so obtaining legal representation as soon as possible is highly advised.

Don’t fall for the insurance claim adjusters snares.  Call Attorney Chanco at (404) 842-0909 for a free evaluation of your case.


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