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Before you decide to hire a DUI injury lawyer, it is your right to ask probing questions until you are completely satisfied.  After all, you are the client and you will be paying the lawyer’s fee, so you need to know some things about whom you are hiring.  And if you are not satisfied with the answers you get, no need to proceed with that lawyer.


1. Are you a lawyer who takes cases to trial?   Lawyers have their tendencies — Camp A lawyers like to settle outside of court, while Camp B lawyers like to go to trial.  Camp B lawyers are not afraid to take on insurance companies because they know law and are confident of winning. Trial attorneys have a successful track record to win you higher compensation for any harm and endangerment. While those “let’s settle this outside of court” attorneys do not always get you an amount that you deserve.

2. What will you do with my claim if you can’t settle?  Will you proceed to take it to trial?    If the insurance company does not agree to a satisfactory settlement, it is your right to know in advance whether or not your attorney will take your case to trial. Generally, attorneys have nothing to lose by accepting your case. Many lawyers develop a reputation for agreeing to settlements, which can result in a great loss for you.  These type of law firms keep the ball rolling by accepting as many cases as possible, but without fighting for the full compensation due to the client.

3. How long should I expect my case to last?   An attorney will not be able to actually tell you the exact date your case might settle or go to trial. However, an experienced lawyer should offer you a rough idea of the expected time frame for resolving your case based on similar cases.

4. How much monetary compensation should I expect to receive?    This question can tell you a lot about the honesty of an attorney. It is almost impossible for an attorney to give you an answer truthfully. Without all the facts discovered, it is very difficult to state a figure at this stage. Only an attorney who just wants to take your case will tell you what kind of compensation you should expect.

These are four very basic but effective questions to ask as they will reveal a whole lot about the integrity of your DUI injury attorney. Remember, vague or ambiguous answers will not do; the attorney must be professional enough to articulate the answers clearly.  Call Attorney Douglas Chanco; he will answer your questions, honestly.  (404) 842-0909.


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