Below are testimonials from actual clients who worked with Douglas Chanco. You can be confident that Douglas will work hard to represent your interests and prepare your case for a jury. At the end, Douglas Chanco strives to work to the best of his ability to tell your story of what happened and how you were hurt.

Great Experience

The Chanco firm was a great experience for me. Both were very knowledgeable and actually do care about you as an individual. They would keep me informed regularly and would give great advice on how to look good and prepared before the actual court date. After the initial court date, Mr. Chanco was not happy with the ruling that they had sentenced me and actually went on to fight it which resulted in another court date, which he represented me, free of charge. These guys do not just look at you as another client, but as someone they do care for. I would absolutely recommend this firm.
– Colton

Mr. Chanco did a great job on my case

Doug got my case dismissed after I was wrongfully arrested. He showed up and kept the police from interrogating me without a lawyer within an hour of me being arrested. Before I knew it, the case was gone! It all happened so fast I didnt get a chance to truly thank him on behalf of myself and my family. Doug truly was great and I cannot thank him enough. Again I appreciate everything he did!
– Criminal Defense Client

Extremely Satisfied with Doug

Doug provided excellent legal services and was able to get two traffic citations (one of them would have resulted in a 90 day loss of license) reduced to one minor citation with no points and a reduced fine. This was the best money I spent in a long time. I will definitely use Doug again if necessary.
– Car Accident Client

When no one else could, Doug cleared my name and saved my credit score

I don’t know how to thank Doug for helping me with getting my name cleared from the credit card debt. I worked with another lawyer first who did nothing, and allowed this to weigh on me so heavily for a year and a half. In less than four months Doug got the whole thing cleared up and taken off my credit history. A million times thank you for all of your help and perseverance through this ordeal with helping me clear my name!
– Credit Repair Client

Did a great job

Thanks to Doug, my DUI was dismissed and my arrest record was expunged. I don’t see arrest record on the criminal history record I got from Local Police department after expungement! I really thank him for all his help and guidance during the whole process. I truly admire his professional guidance and prompt communication at every stage. I would recommend him to anyone who is in trouble.
– DUI Client

Doug went above and beyond to help my son

I would like to thank Doug for his excellent work in handling my son’s case. We are glad that his driver license was saved. Doug’s efforts in getting my son’s DUI dismissed were phenomenal. He said it would take up to a year to resolve the case, yet it was done in only four months! Thank you again for all your great work on my son’s case. We really appreciate it.
– DUI Client

A+ Lawyer!

Doug worked hard to help get my case resolved, and was very helpful explaining things when I had no idea what might happen next. I would use him again and highly recommend him!
– Client

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